Introduction & Services


International Therapeutic Proteins Ltd

International Therapeutic Proteins was formed in 2006 to meet the growing demand for a single, safe source of biological therapeutics, produced in relatively small volumes to treat niche groups of patients.

The company offers a complete service in the production of anti-toxins and snake antivenins/antivenoms from the production of polyclonal antibodies through to the supply of finished vials. It can also provide high quality normal donor serum or plasma.

ITP has experience of producing a range of therapeutics for government biodefense clients.

The manufacture of these products occurs in Tasmania, the Island State of Australia. Click here for more on why Tasmania is a world leading location for safe biologics.

ITP’s services:

  •  Antigen preparation
  •  Hyperimmune serum / plasma production
  •  Bulk finished drug formulation
  •  Vial filling and freeze drying
  •  Product release and distribution
  •  Regulatory filings
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